The first ever suburb in the City Project, the main central business district. Home to most of the commercial buildings. For those who want to live closer to their workplace, apartment buildings do exist, but prices are significantly higher than surrounding towns. Getting around is easy thanks fto the robust Light Rail system and SCR Central Station - one of the interchange stations between the Central Line and Calway Line.

Central Suburb Plan


Riverlands is the industrial area in the City Project. Home to farmlands and factories. SCR Cariden Station is at the northwest of the suburb, where SCR Cariden Depot also resides.

Riverlands Suburb Plan


Darkwell is the main residential area in the City Project. Home to multiple public and private housing estates. Two mega shopping malls are planned in the area, along with other smaller malls. Hotels are located in the southwest of the suburb, where SCR Darkwell Station resides.

Darkwell Suburb Plan