Apply Procedure

Follow the steps below to apply for the City Project!

First, take a look at the City Project!
Read the description of the roles below, then choose the one(s) you like to be!

City Builder

Build the main structures and buildings in the cities.


  • Enjoy building
  • Have decent building skills
  • Active

Interior Designer

Design the interior equipments of the cities' buildings.


  • Enjoy designing rooms
  • Creative
  • Active

Road Manager

Paint and build roads, place and manage road signs, create and manage traffic lights.


  • Enjoy building roads
  • Interested in managing traffic
  • Have basic knowledge on Hong Kong/UK road signs system
  • Active

SCR Staff

Manage the railway system of the City Project.


  • Have basic redstone knowledge
  • Fast at learning
  • Interested in metro/mass transit systems
  • Have basic knowledge about the Hong Kong MTR
  • Decent at building stations
  • Active

Urban Planner

Plan the layout of the cities.


  • Have basic knowledge about urban planning
  • Enjoy planning cities
  • Able to draw city blueprints
  • Active

Plugin Developer

Develop plugins for the City Project.


  • Have basic knowledge about Java coding
  • Enjoy coding
  • Able to provide assistant to other developers
  • Active

Graphics Artist

Draw textures, create models, design project-related graphics.


  • Decent at artistic graphics designing
  • Enjoy drawing/modelling
  • Familiar with Minecraft and Optifine resource pack system
  • Active
Then, fill in the form here. You need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to sign digitally and submit the form. Do NOT use a browser to fill in the form.
Wait patiently for the reply. If you have not been replied after 7 days, please contact Cyrus through Discord.
Expand our cities by choosing a job from the job list! Please stay active in our discord server.